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Ready-to-drink bubble tea


Enter the Bobba bubble

Bobba is the first ready-to-drink bubble tea made from an infusion of real tea and unique fruit juice beads. After carrying out several pieces of research on the product and its origin, Sébastien, one of the founders of Cookie Bluff, finally found a supplier in Taiwan. He managed to convince him to make a brand new pearl formula for bottled bubble tea.

After a couple of laboratory tests, multiple failures and close collaboration between Quebec and Taiwan, the incomparable Bobba bubble tea was born. Real matcha tea, white tea or black tea with fruit juice beads - and nothing else. And with less than 15 grams of sugar and less than 90 calories per bottle, it's hard to resist the temptation!

Show off your spontaneous and fun side that begs to come out! Bobba causes unexpected moments of pleasure in our rather tidy lives. Let's raise our glass (or rather our Bobba bottle) to the little surprises that make us smile!

With Bobba, anything is possible!

Bobba exists for one simple reason: to trigger happy moments that make us feel good. Become the best version of yourself with 100% fun, 100% natural ready to burst bubble tea!


Release your wild side

Release your wild side

A sip of Bobba and you will dive into a world of completely delirious natural flavours!


Live largely

Live largely

Why take yourself seriously, seriously? Bobba harnesses creativity and life’s pleasures – everything that matters.


Dare to get wet

Dare to get wet

Mingle with everything that touches you with a Bobba bottle in hand to make your place. We only have one life to live!

Bubble to the brain